about us

KWT Farm is a family-owned and operated business. We take pride in our product and customer service. Our goal is to provide our customers with the best possible experience when shopping for plants.

At KWT Farm, we pride ourselves on producing high-quality plants such as Washingtonia palm trees, natural grass rolls, Aloe Vera and more plants. Our plants are grown in sizes that maintain their full nutrients, allowing for efficient space utilization and reduced discomfort when handling. You can check out our quality products at our farm store.


By growing aesthetically pleasing and healthy plants, KWT Farm strives to be the top supplier of premium plants. We’ll offer the most cutting-edge products and the best customer service to our clients. The goal of the business is to be the premier supplier of superior plants and related services that improve the quality of life for our clients. In Kuwait, we work hard to deliver the best plants and customer service. For the benefit of our clients, we will keep growing our online presence and plant nurseries.

In order to reach more clients both domestically and abroad, KWT Farm will continue to be a market-leading supplier of premium plants and services. While maintaining our commitment to our heritage as a family-run business, we will keep innovating and improving our products and services. The forefront of everything we do will continue to be our dedication to providing excellent customer service and environmental stewardship.

We will offer our customers an innovative and practical online platform that provides high-quality plants and grass at affordable prices, delivered right to their door. As customers look for high-quality plants and grass, our business will work to establish a reputation for providing exceptional customer service. By offering top-notch customer service, we hope to establish lasting relationships with our clients. We will offer a wide range of plants and flowers for you to select from, as well as knowledgeable tips on how to take care of plants. For our customers, we will work to create a comfortable and enjoyable shopping environment.


Our company’s mission statement reads, “To Bring The Joy Of Nature To People’s Lives By Providing High Quality, Beautifully Grown Plants At A Fair Price, While Caring For Our Employees, The Environment, And The Community.” to have a reputation as Kuwait’s top farm and best source of plants and flowers. To better serve our customers, we will keep innovating and expanding our farms to improve our products and services.

The goal of KWT Farm is to supply customers in Kuwait and abroad with top-notch plants and flowers. While offering a great workplace for our employees, we will conduct business with honesty and fairness. We are dedicated to taking good care of the environment and making sure that our products are made in a sustainable manner.

Our goal at KWT Farm is to offer our clients completely new, top-notch plants and flowers. Being a family-run company that prioritizes its clients is something we take great pride in. We offer both indoor and outdoor plants, so there is something for everyone. Visit us today on the web or at one of our three plant nurseries! to deliver plants of the highest caliber that encourage development and sustainability. to offer our clients the best possible plants and flowers. We will always be available to support and advise you as you select the best plants for your house or garden.