Tradescantia Spathacea [4 Plants]

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Plant Size:

Small [4 Plant Pots]


Water: This plant, like succulents in general, is often harmed by overwatering, so make sure you only keep the soil moist in the hot season, allowing the upper part of the soil to dry before watering again. During winter, let the soil dry completely before watering, as the growth phase is put on pause during this time. Use enough water to make sure the water actually gets to the roots of the plants when watering.

Soil: Moses in the cradle needs light soil that drains the water easily but keeps the moisture locked in the soil. You can either mix up soil and perlite in equal parts or add sand to the soil to create the ideal soil for the plant.

Container: The plant grows pretty fast, so you might need to repot it every one or two years. Always use a container that is one size up, as the plant can easily become root bound. Keep in mind that this plant does not like soggy soil, so make sure you have drainage holes on the bottom of the container.

Lighting: Part Sun – [This plant requires 6 hours of light daily, so keep it in a spot where you can make sure it gets enough to grow those beautifully colored leaves. Less light means less purples and pinks and more greens. Keep it away from direct sunlight, so you avoid burning the leaves].

Humidity: High

Difficulty: Medium

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