Canna Indica Indian – Red [Medium]

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Water: Water the plant regularly until the first sprouts appear. The first watering in a new place should be abundant, about 1 bucket per 1 bush. After stems appear, increase the amount of watering by about one and a half times, and check the soil to prevent stagnant water.

Soil: You can choose a nutritious, rich substrate with plenty of organic matter and good drainage, and expanded clay is well suited too. Soil mix can be prepared from leafy soil, peat, humus, and coarse sand in equal proportions.

Container: After overnight spring frosts, you can gradually begin to prepare the place for planting flowers in open ground. Experienced flower growers advise planting no earlier than May. Before that, carefully examine all the tubers for diseases. If you want to grow the plant at home, be sure to use a container with a pallet. Canna Lily does not tolerate excess moisture well.

Lighting: Full Sun

Humidity: Normal

Difficulty: Medium

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