Plumeria [Medium]

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Water: In general, plumeria’s water needs are dry and medium. Plants in full sun will need more water than those in part shade. Let the soil dry out before watering, and plan to reduce watering in the winter. Overwatering promotes root rot.

Soil: Plumeria trees prefer slightly acidic soil. A pH of 6.5 or lower will make this plant happy as it will ensure that the nutrients in the soil are available for the Plumeria’s use. Make sure to choose a spot with good drainage. Soggy Plumeria roots can lead to root rot which is commonly fatal to the plant.

Container: You can sink the container grown plumerias in the ground.

Lighting: Plumerias are light-loving plants. They prefer to receive 6-8 hours of direct sun. It is preferable that these hours take place in the morning and that the tree receives some respite from the sun during the hottest hours of the day.

Humidity: High. Plumerias do best in at least 50% humidity during growth periods. If your Plumeria is kept indoors, using a humidifier or misting it regularly will keep it happy.

Difficulty: Medium

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